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Book Week 2016 – Our Favourite Books

Some of our favourite books right now……

It’s Book Week in Australia right now and all over schools children are dressing up as book characters. I’m a huge believer in reading to children from a young age so I thought I’d get into the spirit of our first Book Week and share five favourites that the Cheeky Monkey¬†and I are currently enjoying. Continue reading “Book Week 2016 – Our Favourite Books”

The Back to Work Question

My son is almost six months old. The “when do I go back to work?” question has been playing on my mind even louder this past month. Continue reading “The Back to Work Question”

Photo Friday: Yoga in Wineglass Bay, Tasmania

Beach Yoga!

On our visit to Wineglass Bay we didn’t just stop at the lookout – we continued down onto the beach. I’m thankful we did. Continue reading “Photo Friday: Yoga in Wineglass Bay, Tasmania”

World Breastfeeding Week 2016

A beautiful connection!

The baby websites I follow are telling me that the first week of August is “World Breastfeeding Week”. In light of that, I thought I’d briefly share a bit about breastfeeding my baby. Confession – I thought I would hate breastfeeding. Luckily, those early days of breastfeeding my son were beautiful. Continue reading “World Breastfeeding Week 2016”

Photo Friday: Thai Market Lady

Beautiful lady at the Floating Markets, Thailand

Do you ever go to take a photo and end up with something better? That happened here. I had seen this lady working on the boats at the Floating Markets, outside of Bangkok. She was now sitting, having a break , watching those on the water. Continue reading “Photo Friday: Thai Market Lady”

Photo Friday: Walking in Melbourne

Melbourne, Australia

Do you ever go to a city and just walk? No set destination in mind, just walk? That’s what happened on my last trip to Melbourne. Continue reading “Photo Friday: Walking in Melbourne”

12 Things: The List 2016/2017

I decided to write a list of “12 Things” to do before my next birthday. They are just general things and there is no real pressure to complete them but sometimes just writing things down can get you motivated. Continue reading “12 Things: The List 2016/2017”

Photo Friday: “Save the Earth…..”

Sentosa Island, Singapore

I’m throwing it back to my honeymoon in 2012. Really, I just wanted to share something fun and bright since it is so cloudy and cold today. Continue reading “Photo Friday: “Save the Earth…..””

12 Things: List Planning for 2016/2017

Birthdays are a time of reflection for me. For looking back and looking ahead. For making plans. This year my birthday will be a fairly quiet one but a very special one as it will be my first birthday as a Mum. Usually I like to go do something but this year I’ve been thinking about making a list again. I had a 30 by 30 list a few years ago but this time I’m going with a “12 Things” list – one thing for each month of the year. Far more realistic for the year ahead. Continue reading “12 Things: List Planning for 2016/2017”

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