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Photo Friday: River Murray (Waikerie Lookout)

River Murray – View from the Waikerie Lookout

The Riverland region of South Australia is just one of many where the River Murray runs through.¬† Continue reading “Photo Friday: River Murray (Waikerie Lookout)”

My husband was called a “Good Dad” and I wanted to tell them off…..

Yeah. I must sound like a horrible wife. We were walking back to our hotel room when a lady looked at us and said “you’re a good Dad” to my husband who was carrying our baby. Continue reading “My husband was called a “Good Dad” and I wanted to tell them off…..”

Cake! Made of Cheese….

I enjoy going to weddings for a few reasons. Cake is one of them. I’m a sweet tooth, I can’t help it. For the second time ever we attended a wedding where the wedding cake was actually made out of cheese. And you know what? It worked! Look at this beautiful cake of cheese…… Continue reading “Cake! Made of Cheese….”

White Chocolate Rocky Road

Mmmmmm yummy!

I love Rocky Road and this one is so easy. Chop up marshmallows. Chop up lollies if required, otherwise just add them. Melt chocolate and combine. Continue reading “White Chocolate Rocky Road”

Photo Friday: Kawarau Bridge Bungy

I jumped! Photo by AJ Hackett Bungy cameras

You ever get the feeling that you HAVE to do something, even though you are terrified? Well that is how I felt about going to New Zealand. Continue reading “Photo Friday: Kawarau Bridge Bungy”

Wedding Bouquets

B + A’s Wedding

We have been invited to a wedding this month and thought it would be a great time to look back at a few of the wedding bouquets we have seen. Continue reading “Wedding Bouquets”

Book Week 2016 – Our Favourite Books

Some of our favourite books right now……

It’s Book Week in Australia right now and all over schools children are dressing up as book characters. I’m a huge believer in reading to children from a young age so I thought I’d get into the spirit of our first Book Week and share five favourites that the Cheeky Monkey¬†and I are currently enjoying. Continue reading “Book Week 2016 – Our Favourite Books”

The Back to Work Question

My son is almost six months old. The “when do I go back to work?” question has been playing on my mind even louder this past month. Continue reading “The Back to Work Question”

Photo Friday: Yoga in Wineglass Bay, Tasmania

Beach Yoga!

On our visit to Wineglass Bay we didn’t just stop at the lookout – we continued down onto the beach. I’m thankful we did. Continue reading “Photo Friday: Yoga in Wineglass Bay, Tasmania”

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