I’m currently looking at taking my next holiday. That big question – “where do I go next?” – is running through my mind. I have noticed that once I have gone to another country my next trip is usually somewhere in Australia. A place that I have not been before and then I head overseas again. Technically, that means if I were to follow this pattern, my next trip will be somewhere in Australia. Tasmania is actually very high on my list right now. But I am considering overseas destinations too. Cambodia is one option that is standing out for me.

It has got me thinking about travel and how we choose where to go next. How we decide when to see our home country or when to see others. Some people I know think that you should see your own country first. Others think you should explore other countries first and save your own for when you are older in life or have a family. There are many pros and cons for each, depending on where you are at personally in your life and what experience you want to have as a result of your trip.

I personally think that travel is important and can open up your eyes and mind to new things and new perspectives. If you never make it out of your own country then you should at the very least see some of your own. I like to have a mix of the two. I think that travel is good for me. I am happy and content with my life, yet when I go somewhere new I feel like there is a whole other part of me.

There are so many wonderful places in the world. Cultures, landscapes, food and experiences. I hope that I am lucky enough to add some more countries to my list. And Australia – it is also filled with culture and landscapes that are truly beautiful. We are such a big country that visiting areas away from your home town can provide a completely different landscape and vibe. I look forward to adding more Australian destinations to my list.

What are your thoughts? Feel free to share them in the comments.