That is probably something that I would write in a description about myself – “loves to travel, anxious flyer” – and I guess it is slightly contradictory.
I enjoy the planning and I enjoy the travelling once I have arrived at my destination. Something changes in me when I arrive at a new place. I like to explore and experience new things, either in another country or exploring my own.
Air travel is not an enjoyable part of the trip for me. I am anxious about what could go wrong. Incredibly anxious. I have read numerous articles and been told many statistics on the safety of it and even though I know all that I still have trouble controlling my fears around it. A very active imagination does me no favours in this case. A lack of control probably doesn’t help either.
My anxiety with air travel has gotten worse the older I get. Some flights I am closer to feeling fine, other flights involve tears and panicked breathing. Once the flights are booked there are usually a few nights were my dreams become real nightmares.
This time around I actually could drive and ferry it to my next destination but we have decided to fly for a few reasons, time being a considerable factor. I am very excited to finally be going to Tasmania and exploring part of that state. I’ll also be dropping through Melbourne to catch up with friends. But yes, the anxiety is here right now as it is fresh in my mind.
So why do I put myself through this? Because the reward of travelling is just SO WORTH IT.