Ugh. I’ve been sick. Twice now in less then a month. It’s not fun. But I work with kids and these things happen. It also makes me a bit cranky and less tolerant then usual, so excuse me if this post is a little ‘ranty’.

I’m in my early thirties and have been married a couple of years. So when you ask me how I have been and I say sick, how should you respond? CLUE: do not say “are you sure you’re not pregnant?” Yes, this happened several times over the weekend I was sick at the end of January. And these people aren’t even close friends. Thankfully this time around I have been sick with a horrible cold and my husky voice lets people know I’m sick before I tell them and they haven’t really responded in that way. But still…… it has almost made me want to avoid telling people when I feel unwell because of that response.

I know that they mean well. Or that they think they are being funny. But as I get older I have become aware of more and more things. I know more people who have experienced miscarriage or their babies have been stillborn. I know of many that have tried for so long and have been going through IVF. And sometimes you don’t find this out until many years later. How would THEY feel if they were regularly asked if they were pregnant when they know they are not? Thankfully I have not personally experienced this loss but if it bothers me it must be hard for them. So maybe next time, think of this before you ask?!