I recently received a letter from the Cancer Council (Australia) reminding me that the Biggest Morning Tea fundraiser is fast approaching. People are encouraged to donate to this cause and attend (or host!) one of the Morning Tea’s held in their area. The official day for 2015 is Thursday, 28th May – however you can host a Morning Tea through out the months of May and June. You can find out more at http://biggestmorningtea.com.au/

In 2013 I hosted my own and thought I’d share some of it here. I kept it fairly casual, providing a variety of tea plus some coffee and milo. I also provided some food and encouraged people to ‘bring a plate’ to share. The dress code was super casual and I had a rough running time so people could drop in when it best suited them. I shared the online fundraising link with people so that they could make a donation even if they couldn’t attend. Much thanks to my friends & family – not only did we have a great time we also raised over $400.

Some of the many flavours of tea....... Photo by Carlie Stanley
Some of the many flavours of tea…….
Photo by Carlie Stanley
Food!  Photo by Carlie Stanley
Photo by Carlie Stanley
Keeping it casual..... Photo by - eekk I can't remember, but thank you!
Keeping it casual…..
Photo by – eekk I can’t remember, but thank you!

You can make your Biggest Morning Tea fundraiser as simple or as fancy as you like. Some people even choose to set crazy themes! And if you raise a lot or only a little, it still counts – and it’s for a great cause!