Surely, we have all heard the saying – “if you don’t have anything nice to say then just say nothing” – haven’t we? While at times it is necessary to speak up, these days it appears that more and more people are willing to voice their negative opinions on social media.

The Logies were on Sunday night and while I only caught bits and pieces, mostly catching up the following day, I thought there were some great moments. In particular Miranda Tapsell’s speech calling for more women of colour on our screens, Carrie Bickmore’s heartfelt speech, remembering her late husband and calling for people to donate money & wear their beanies (#BeaniesForBrainCancer) and Julia Morris with her mistake of announcing the winner before saying the nominees and her excellent, funny recovery.

Sadly looking through the photos while catching up on the Logies news the next day I found a whole lot of hate. People commenting on the women having such low cut dresses, saying they had “no class”, “poor role models” & “attention seeking”. Attacking reality TV contestants, calling them “fame hungry” & “desperate” and in one case attacked their entire personality and wished them a horrible life! I could go on and on……..

I was surprised to see the negative comments against Carrie Bickmore – remember she looked stunning, won the Gold Logie, made a great speech – but there they were. Comments accusing her of starving herself to look that thin after having a baby and saying that her speech totally disrespected her new partner and that she should “get over it since she is with someone new”. Shocking, right? I wonder if some people have any understanding of grief. And as for body weight, some women lose the baby weight quickly with little effort, some don’t. Are we really body shaming new Mother’s?

I stopped reading after that comment. I never should of read them at all. So why am I even writing this post?

Because kindness matters. Positivity matters. Acceptance matters. We are all humans. We all have our own feelings. Yes, I’m just a girl at a keyboard. Yes, those people being talked about are celebrities. But we all deserve some kindness, happiness & positivity. That is what I am trying to share here.

Go ahead. Be kind.