Today I was enjoying a lazy morning to finish off the long weekend. I had found myself on youtube watching Nikkie Tutorials, which are all about make up. This inspired me to go through all my make up and skin care products that I keep in the bathroom and do a big clean up.

I do not wear make up everyday and usually stick to the same few products. The Body Shop, Clinique and Revlon are my most popular. It was quite fun re-discovering some products I had forgotten about. I also had to get rid of a lot of stuff.

After all the sorting it was time to put it all back. What would be the best way? In the end this is what I went with…….

Top Cupboard, Bottom Shelf - range of products.....
Top Cupboard, Bottom Shelf – range of products…..

Top Cupboard, Top Shelf: I have four make up bags in here. Bag One has all my eye shadow, eyeliner, mascara and brow products. Bag Two has all my lip gloss and lipstick products. Bag Three is for all my brushes (that are all nice and clean now!) Bag Four is empty however this bag will be used for when I go away to store whatever I choose to take with me.

Top Cupboard, Bottom Shelf: Here I have my skincare face products, face masks, foundations, concealer, blushes and body products.

The Body Shop brushes……. all clean now.

Bottom Cupboard Top & Bottom Shelves: This is where I keep any products that have come as a pack in boxes, products I don’t use often, soaps and products that are yet to be opened. Also more make up bags. I seem to have collected a few of these from magazines or when brands have a ‘gift time with purchase’.

Drawer: Hair ties, bobby pins, a couple of products I don’t use often, like bronzer and I’ve also put all the samples I’ve been given or found in magazines in here.

That is how I spent the last afternoon of my long weekend – and I now have a nice clear bench space for when I want to do my make up.

How do you do it? Organise by brand? By product type? By most used to least used? I would love to know how other people keep track of it all.