This is the first time in my adult life that I have stayed home on New Years Eve and slept. I briefly woke when my husband got me to move from the couch to the bed, actually at midnight, where I mumbled a happy new year and fell asleep again. Given that we had spent the day in Adelaide and then traveled home that evening, staying home seemed like a good option. Plus, being pregnant with back pain and swollen feet, sleep seemed good. So I said hello to 2016 in the morning and hello to being 33 weeks pregnant today. And I’m more than okay with that.

So what about this blog, which I actually started one year ago today? Well I still don’t know who I’m really writing for, myself mostly. The 2015 round up email I received tells me that I posted 42 times in 2015 so I think I may set the goal to post 52 times for 2016 – an average of once per week. You can still expect to find the short Photo Friday posts. I expect there will be some pregnancy/baby posts too (because OMG I’m having a baby THIS YEAR!). And of course I will still have travel on here, lots of throwbacks that I hope to write about. Who knows what else will appear?

Have a fabulous 2016.