Birthdays are a time of reflection for me. For looking back and looking ahead. For making plans. This year my birthday will be a fairly quiet one but a very special one as it will be my first birthday as a Mum. Usually I like to go do something but this year I’ve been thinking about making a list again. I had a 30 by 30 list a few years ago but this time I’m going with a “12 Things” list – one thing for each month of the year. Far more realistic for the year ahead.

What to put on it though? It won’t be filled with 12 huge adventurous things. Some will be simple – like baking a cheesecake. Yep, in my early 30’s and I’ve never baked a cheesecake! Some will be not fun at all – like making a will (the thought of death and having to leave my baby makes me cry and hopefully it won’t happen until I’m incredibly old but I can see how important this would be to make, just incase…..) Some will be fun I hope, maybe a trip or new activity?

I plan to write my “12 Things” by the end of my birthday month and should complete one thing a month, on average. Do you have a similar list? Share it with me in the comments đŸ™‚