I decided to write a list of “12 Things” to do before my next birthday. They are just general things and there is no real pressure to complete them but sometimes just writing things down can get you motivated.

  1. Bake a cheesecake.
    I’m 30-something and never made one. Time to change that.
  2. Make a will.
    Since my little Cheeky Monkey was born this has become super important. Ideally my Mum would care for him if hubby and I both died but we really need to discuss this and make a legal document.
  3. Complete my Cheeky Monkey’s Baby Book.
    Time is flying with my little man and already I am falling behind on his book, keeping up only with the monthly pages. I absolutely want this completed fully so I can look back on it.
  4. Read ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’.
    For some reason this has been on various lists of mine and I’ve never done it – although I did actually purchase the book a little while ago.
  5. Complete a DIY Craft Project.
    I haven’t chosen it yet but I will. Most likely something I find on Pinterest.
  6. Donate to a family/child in need this Christmas.
    There are a few options here such as the food appeal, shoebox of love and leaving gifts at stores.
  7. Go on a mini family holiday.
    This one has to be a minimum of two nights. I do like to travel but I figure I should start small with the little Cheeky Monkey in tow.
  8. Open a bank account for my Cheeky Monkey.
    My Mum has already given us some money for this and I’ve already started putting money in his money box. My parents did it for me and it will be nice to do it for him. I had better make sure I teach him good money sense as he grows up!
  9. Begin work on the front yard.
    Ahhh the never ending house renos. Lots of talk on the front yard but no action yet.
  10. Host a movie night.
    A good excuse to catch up with friends without spending a fortune. Knowing me, I’ll probably theme it.
  11. Deposit money into my superannuation account.
    I was putting a small amount into this each fortnight while working but that stopped when I went on maternity leave. It would probably be wise to add some more to it.
  12. Post six things to various friends.
    Let’s be real, we don’t often get much nice things in the mail these days unless we’ve ordered something online. Receiving something nice in the post can make your day!

My most important thing though is to spend quality time with my baby boy (also known as Cheeky Monkey or Little Man on my blog) before returning to work so it doesn’t really matter if I don’t complete all 12 items. I’ll update my progress later in the year. If you have a similar list, link it to me in the comments so I can check it out 🙂