A beautiful connection!

The baby websites I follow are telling me that the first week of August is “World Breastfeeding Week”. In light of that, I thought I’d briefly share a bit about breastfeeding my baby. Confession – I thought I would hate breastfeeding. Luckily, those early days of breastfeeding my son were beautiful. I loved it. I loved watching him (well I was loving that no matter what he was doing) and the beautiful little connection we had during feeding was lovely. In fact, if I didn’t enjoy those early days and see how much he loved it then I may have just given up when I was admitted back into hospital with mastitis, when he was 10 days old. My little Cheeky Monkey is now five months old and I’ve had mastitis four times. It isn’t fun but I have kept fighting through it for a few reasons. First, all the benefits that a baby gets from breastfeeding. Second, the joy it brings the both of us – he looks up and smiles at me, or I watch him slowly fall asleep during a feed. Third, because I’m lucky to still be breastfeeding when many others can’t for various reasons. I know that “fed is best”. As long as a baby is being fed is the most important thing – don’t let anyone guilt you otherwise if you don’t breastfeed for whatever reason. For now though, I’m going to continue to breastfeed and hopefully I won’t get sick with mastitis again.

EDIT: The medication that I have taken for the mastitis was safe to do so while breastfeeding. Always check with your doctor/medical professional if it is safe to take medication while you are breastfeeding.