Some of our favourite books right now……

It’s Book Week in Australia right now and all over schools children are dressing up as book characters. I’m a huge believer in reading to children from a young age so I thought I’d get into the spirit of our first Book Week and share five favourites that the Cheeky Monkey and I are currently enjoying.

My First Shapes: This was part of a book pack provided to us at Cheeky Monkey’s four week check up. It’s an excellent first book as the black and white shapes stand out to their eyes. He would gaze at each page in those early months, taking it all in. He still enjoys it at six months old and it’s small enough for him to hold (although it usually ends up in his mouth!)

The Very Hungry Caterpillar’s Finger Puppet Book: You hold your finger in the caterpillar puppet as you read the story and he now loves to try and grab the caterpillar and the holes in each page. Simple pictures of different fruit and a colourful butterfly at the end. One that he can interact with….. and try eat. A gift from a friend that we very much enjoy.

I Just Couldn’t Wait To Meet You: I purchased this on Mother’s Day. I was a bit (a lot) emotional that day, in fact this book made me cry the first time, because I am so happy to have my little boy. I really couldn’t wait to meet my baby. This is one of my favourites and hopefully as he gets older he will love it, especially when he knows how much we wanted him.

Monkey and Me: I purchased this one because of the monkey. The Little Man has had the nickname “Cheeky Monkey” since before he was born (and before we knew if baby was a boy or girl). It is a nice, simple story of a child and her toy monkey going to see animals and it is nicely illustrated.

You’re A Cheeky Monkey: The Cheeky Monkey plays tricks on his jungle friends and they decide to play a trick on him. Beautifully illustrated, in fact it’s on my list as a potential birthday party theme. Even though this one has a bit more writing than some of the others we own, my Cheeky Monkey will sit with me and look at the bright pictures and listen to all the voices I make. This book was also a gift and we love it.

I love reading to my Little Man. Not only does it help him developmentally it is also so lovely to hold him close and just be together. He possibly has more books than toys at the moment! I encourage everyone to read to their children.

Book Time!