Mmmmmm yummy!

I love Rocky Road and this one is so easy. Chop up marshmallows. Chop up lollies if required, otherwise just add them. Melt chocolate and combine. Put in tray. Set in fridge. Slice and enjoy! Easy!

In this photo I used the White Cadbury Chocolate Melts, the Pascal Marshmallows and the Allen’s Lollies Jelly Tots. I know that some people like to add coconut, cherries or nuts but I choose not to. I like to use white chocolate around Christmas time and can even theme it into Christmas Rocky Road by adding green and red lollies or M&M’s.

Not only is it easy and delicious, it is great to package up and add to a gift or take a plate of it to a party. What variations do you use in your Rocky Road?