I enjoy going to weddings for a few reasons. Cake is one of them. I’m a sweet tooth, I can’t help it. For the second time ever we attended a wedding where the wedding cake was actually made out of cheese. And you know what? It worked! Look at this beautiful cake of cheese……

L + J’s Wedding Cake – made of cheese!

We had just eaten so much food, served shared platter style. A good variety and delicious. In fact, if a sweet cake had followed it may not have complimented the food (I can’t believe I just said that!) so cheese was perfect. It was served up on platters and was a lovely way to end the meal.

The other wedding we went to that had a cake made of cheese was back in 2011. Again, it complimented their wedding perfectly as they quite liked cheese. They even added cake toppers to represent themselves.

C + T’s Wedding Cake – made of cheese!

This also worked perfectly as they didn’t have a sit down reception. They placed platters on top of barrels and you could walk around and chat while enjoying some cheese – they even provided a cheese knife for each guest as a gift.

What did you do (or would do) at your wedding? I went for a very simple mud cake which you can see here. Let me know in the comments.