Halloween Costumes 2015

Last year I went as a skeleton for Halloween. If I don’t look straight in the picture that’s because I was 24 weeks pregnant – I couldn’t get one with a baby inside 😦 

Our costumes were purchased from our local Big W. My husband had a mask with his (tip – air it out as soon as you get it!) but mine didn’t so I decided to dress up my face as well.

Not my usual look……

I used make up, not face paint. First I applied my regular liquid foundation so the white eyeshadow had something to stick to. I then covered my face with white eyeshadow before using black eyeshadow for the eyes and mouth. To create the lines I used a slanted eyeshadow brush. Super easy!

This was the first real Halloween party I had attended – living in Australia they aren’t quite as common. What will you be dressing up as this year?