We had my baby boy’s Baptism recently and I really didn’t have a lot of time to prepare a cake and morning tea. Therefore the decision was made to make vanilla cupcakes with white icing and shape them as a cross.

Baptism Cake

Underneath I used an edible writing gel to add his name and the date. We kept the invite list very small (grandparents/great grandparents/godparents) and knowing not everyone would eat them I only had to make a few. If you have more people coming you can easily double the width and add a bit more length to the cross.

We also made some biscuits, using a cookie/biscuit cutter shaped as a cross and set out some cheese and dip with other biscuits for those who didn’t want something sweet. Tea and coffee completed the morning tea. A lovely way to catch up after the Baptism and have a simple celebration. Plus it was all fairly easy – great when you are busy with a baby all day long!