Do you ever just look around and think you’ve got too much stuff? That you have no place for your stuff? Sometimes I do. (First world problem, I know!) Every now and then I get the urge to clean/sort through things and occasionally I come across something online to inspire me. I was reading about a 30 day declutter challenge and decided to come up with my own, as with a baby and my own attention span, I thought something shorter would be more realistic for me.

I decided on 10 days of getting rid of 10 things each day, resulting in 100 things by the end of the ten days. I’m sure this challenge already exists elsewhere so feel free to search for a more detailed, helpful version. What did I get rid of? Mostly old make-up, toiletries, medication and sunscreen. I decided that even if you replace the item, it still counts (eg. sunscreen) for the challenge. A few magazines (I did a big cull of these and old travel brochures before having my baby) and the odd random item, like a pink cushion that shed feathers anytime it was touched. A few items of clothes and old towels. It actually wasn’t that hard to reach 100 items. The hardest part was remembering to do it each day. I found picking a section and working through it was the easiest method.

Maybe you would like to try it? Going into Christmas it might be a good time to create some more space. Also, getting rid of something doesn’t necessarily mean throwing it in the bin. I was able to donate some of these items. You may also find some things to reuse as well – gift boxes/bags and wrapping paper are good ones to reuse when you receive them!

If anyone has any links to declutter challenges, post them below! One day I will get my house organised the way I want. One day……