Reindeer Biscuits

These biscuits are super easy to make and are a great activity to do with children and to give as gifts. They are also great when asked to bring a plate of food for a Christmas party.

You’ve probably seen pictures of these floating around social media. I’m not sure who the original idea belongs to but it sure was a great one! I’ve made them the last couple of years but I choose not to use Nutella. Instead I use melted chocolate. My workplace is nut-free (due to various nut allergies, including hazelnut). I use Arrowroot biscuits for the base (you can buy gluten free biscuits too, check the aisle in your supermarket) and Tiny Teddies for the antlers – again, you can use whatever works for you. I found the Allen’s Strawberries & Cream lollies work best for the nose as plain red lollies blended in with the chocolate too much. Smarties would come up brighter as another alternative. White chocolate chips act as the eyes.

Melt the chocolate. Spread on the biscuit. Add whatever you are using for the antlers, eyes and nose. Allow to set in the fridge. All done. It’s that easy!

Party ready!