I usually make a few cash donations to various charities through the year. This year however I really wanted to donate toys to a child in need. However, I forgot that most of my local charities have a cut off date of November 30. I did some searching and found this website: http://www.simplygiving.com.au

Basically this site allows you to choose a charity from the list and then choose the toy/toys that you would like to donate. Proceed to the payment section and you are done. Easy as that. You can select age groups or categories if you like to help narrow down your options and of course your price range.

You can always head to the charities direct websites and donate that way but I didn’t want to do a straight up cash donation this time. I wanted to specifically give toys and I chose the same age group as my baby. I’m thinking that it would be a nice tradition to choose toys for a different charity each year and as he gets older, get him involved. This year I have chosen Vinnies SA. There are so many worthy charities out there. It is nice to give when you can, however you can.

Do you do anything similar at Christmas time? Let me know in the comments…….