Around the end of June 2016 I made a list of “12 Things” to complete before my next birthday. Below is an update on the progress so far. You can also find the original list and the reasons here.

1. Bake a cheesecake. Not yet. I had the idea of making one for Christmas but I haven’t even finished my shopping yet so it’s unlikely.
2. Make a will. Not yet. I really want to do this (I want my Mum to look after my baby if anything happens) and still haven’t. I was going to go to a lawyer but apparently you can buy DIY packs from the Post Office?
3. Complete my Cheeky Monkey’s baby book. Well the monthly pages are up to date. I’ve filled in a couple of spots but lots to go back and do and of course it can’t be completed until after he turns one.
4. Read ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’. Not yet. But I finally finished the book I had been reading this year so now I am ready to begin this one!
5. Complete a DIY project. Almost! I purchased letters of our first initials to decorate and use for Christmas. They are half finished.
6. Donate to a family/child in need this Christmas. DONE! I purchased gifts using the ‘Simply Giving’ website and you can find the link/read about it here.
7. Go on a mini family holiday. DONE! We went to Hahndorf in the Adelaide Hills for two nights. We also just spent two nights in Adelaide and went to the zoo. Double done!

Hahndorf, Adelaide Hills, South Australia

8. Open a bank account for my Cheeky Monkey. DONE! He was gifted some money for his Baptism and I hope to add a few dollars each month.
9. Begin work on the front yard. Um, nope. All renovations with the yard and house have come to a standstill…..
10. Host a movie night. Not yet……
11. Deposit money into my superannuation account. Not yet…..
12. Post six things to various friends. It would probably be cheating to count baby announcement cards or Christmas things in this so no, not yet.

There is the update. Share your lists with me! Hopefully mine will be completed in 2017.