Ahhhh Christmas! It’s always a lovely time of year, where all the family get together in the one place. Or in our case a couple of places to go. This year was extra special as it was Cheeky Monkey’s first Christmas.

We thought he would have a ball playing with all the wrapping paper but as it turns out he didn’t know what to do with it all. There was just so much going on and lots to see and people about. After presents at our place we headed to my Nana’s to see Mum’s side of the family before heading to my husband’s family later in the afternoon and evening (we saw my Dad’s side the day before). Being a super hot day (hello 47C) we even had a swim which Cheeky Monkey loved!

Checking out his Christmas stocking!

Not everything quite went to plan (eg sleep times!) and I had to lock myself away at lunch time to breastfeed in the quiet for him to sleep but that’s ok. Watching his peaceful face resting before playing again was rather lovely. The next day was great to just relax after three days of being out and about. Just watching him play and learn and explore. There is simple joy to be found in slowing down and watching. This Christmas will always be special as it was his first.

It is also a great time to just be thankful for how lucky we are. Lucky to have our little Cheeky Monkey. For our families. For good health. A house. The basics and even more than the basics. Feeling very thankful and grateful. I hope you all had a Merry Christmas however you spent it.