Seriously, why? A quick Google search didn’t bring up much – the top results were more about HOW to stay awake. Is it really for the symbolism of a new calendar year? Or just an excuse to party? For a few years now I’ve been feeling that the whole thing is kind of over rated.

The novelty of staying up late as a kid has worn off. My late teen years and early 20’s were about going out to the club and counting down, partying. My mid to late twenties were the ‘go to someone’s house gathering/BBQ’ kind of deal. Early 30’s it still is, except last year when we STAYED HOME. I was almost 33 weeks pregnant and we had traveled home that day. I slept on the couch. It was great.

Do we now just feel obligated to catch up? A couple of years ago we stayed up and didn’t even do a countdown. There was no real difference to any other catch up. So why bother? I’m sure that for hospitality and tourism industries it is worth it. But really, I’m just too tired.

There has been talk in my social circle of having a BBQ lunch on New Years Day instead. Mainly due to so many of us having babies/young children. I was happy with this idea even before having a baby. Maybe next year?

Who still celebrates? Share what you do to welcome in the New Year in the comments. Maybe when my baby is older we will find the more family friendly celebrations. This year it looks like another BBQ with friends (always lovely to catch up!) but I think we will be home before midnight.