I’m sure a lot of people are looking forward to saying goodbye to 2016. I will always LOVE 2016 as it is the year my baby boy was born. When it comes to my baby the year was very much filled with love. There are some great moments from the year with family and friends too that I will happily look back on.

In regards to this blog I had set a challenge to write 52 blog posts in 2016. This post you are currently reading is number 53. While I am happy to have achieved this goal I won’t be aiming to do it again. I don’t want to feel that this blog is an obligation and that is what some of the posts felt like. You may be reading less posts but they will be the ones that I wanted to write.

In 2017 I will be looking forward to the Cheeky Monkey turning one (but not too quickly!) and a few other celebrations with family/friends. We may possibly visit Taiwan & Hong Kong for a wedding but that is yet to be decided. If not, I’m sure we will try and go somewhere else instead. I’m also meant to return to work as my maternity leave will be coming to an end. I feel sad as I don’t want to leave my Little Man but I’m hoping the anticipation is worse than the event itself.

I hope you all have a wonderful New Year……. let me know your plans for 2017!