Hello again friends! It has been awhile……

Many times I have thought of writing. Posting about motherhood. Posting about travel. Posting about work. Posting about my (now two year old) boy. And yet I haven’t…. mostly because I have been busy with everything else.

So what have I been working on?

A new blog!

I have good intentions of setting up a brand new blog later this year combining my interests and passions – motherhood, children, childcare and travel. A space to share my experiences and my knowledge to those who may be interested. To share these from a personal and professional perspective with others. Personal stories about motherhood (I’m currently a part-time working Mama to a toddler), information on childcare and children’s activities (I have over a decade working as a Childcare Educator with various age groups) and some travel information (such as our family trip to Brisbane last year).

I have slowly been working on this idea since November last year and while some personal things have held it up (ahem, a new job for example!) hopefully it will be happening soon. In the meantime if you have any topics, questions or thoughts on what you may like to see then please let me know in the comments.

I’ll keep you updated!