As the title suggests, Planes and Playdates began this year. What is it? My new blog that I started back in May! Earlier this year I did mention that I had been working on a new blog….. and then forgot to direct you to it. Ooops! If you would like to read it you can find it here.

At Planes and Playdates you will find posts about Motherhood, Family Travel and Children’s Activities. It is still small with only 9 posts so far but there is more coming. 2018 included posts on breastfeeding, returning to work, letter tracing activities, travel to Brisbane, kids books and more. 2019 has posts planned about childcare, travel to Melbourne and general Mum life, plus whatever else happens along the way.

Part of me is sorry to have neglected this blog here (my first ever) for so long. Please feel welcome to follow me over at Planes and Playdates. I may still show up here from time to time with my other creative projects…. who knows?

I wish you all a wonderful 2019 ahead.

Take Care 🙂